Friday, September 09, 2011

The Home-Buyer's Chronicles - The 2-Minute Drill

Yes, it has been ages since the last Writing was posted.

Yes, I am still breathing.

Yes, buying a house is still a lot of work.

No, I'm not having any regrets.

Yes, I will do my best not to drown  in house paint this weekend.

Yes, I am pretty excited about the idea of adding central air to the home.

Yes, I did see a small snake in my new basement yesterday.

Yes, he's still down there somewhere, since he himself once I went upstairs to find something to catch him with.

Yes, I actually ran upstairs to get my phone so I could take and send out pictures my "new roommate."

No, that probably was not the smartest way to approach the situation.

Yes, I will someday be chronicling much of this in more detail at The Writings.




No, it won't be really soon.


little apple tally said...

I also currently seem to have uninvited roommate(s). I hate snakes! The first one I greeted multiple times with the end of the broomstick. The second one wandered into the sticky rat trap now at my bedroom door. I recommend those highly... for snakes not just for rats. Did I mention I hate snakes? Note to self: pick up more rat traps.

little apple tally said...

One more piece of advise - As much as I want to run, I try to not take my eyes off the little visitors until I've properly greeted them. Because if I do, I may loose track of them and then I couldn't sleep for sure. It requires some inventive problem solving sometimes but so far I've not lost track of a single guest.