Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hey, I have a blog

The idea of a hiatus is not one that I am particularly fond of. In the world of television, it happens at the end of a broadcast season, meaning I'm left waiting eight months to find out what in the flippin' world happened to the island when it disappeared.*

*Sincere apologies if I just spoiled a piece of Lost for anyone... But seriously, watch the full series. Start now. I can wait.

In sports, we hit hiatus at the end of the post-season. A champion is crowned and the off-season arrives, meaning the only option is sitting back and wishing that the Kansas City would sign some players to provide team depth, just in case the team's two top players are hurt early in the season.

In blogging, it seems that hiatus arrives when one buys a house. Even though the break from compiling thoughts into web-published form may not be intentional, the simple task seems exceedingly difficult when non-working hours are consumed by painting, packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, prying windows open, and trying to determine where various bits of trivia should go in one's new home. The last few weeks have proven that, for me, getting good* work done at The Writings in the midst of being overloaded with work at my new home is slightly more difficult than convincing a date that writing blogs about strangers encountered at a convenience store is cool.

*Yes, "good" is a relative term.

Nonetheless, it seems as if the schedule may soon be slowing. I've completed all tasks that the appraisal inspector could conjure, from embracing the redundancy of having multiple ground fault interrupters installed on the same circuit*, to paying out the nose (not literally... eww) for propane so that the inspector can test my heater. Hoop-hopping is (hopefully) complete, meaning that there should be more time to give this neglected blog some attention... I hope it's still on speaking terms with me.

*No, I would not have understood that statement prior to pursuing home ownership.

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Home-Buyer's Chronicles - The 2-Minute Drill

Yes, it has been ages since the last Writing was posted.

Yes, I am still breathing.

Yes, buying a house is still a lot of work.

No, I'm not having any regrets.

Yes, I will do my best not to drown  in house paint this weekend.

Yes, I am pretty excited about the idea of adding central air to the home.

Yes, I did see a small snake in my new basement yesterday.

Yes, he's still down there somewhere, since he himself once I went upstairs to find something to catch him with.

Yes, I actually ran upstairs to get my phone so I could take and send out pictures my "new roommate."

No, that probably was not the smartest way to approach the situation.

Yes, I will someday be chronicling much of this in more detail at The Writings.




No, it won't be really soon.